Major Contributions

2009-present Initiated and led the “Science and Technology for America’s Reinvestment: Measuring the EffecTs of Research on Innovation, Competitiveness and Science” (STAR METRICS) program ( ) . This program is being developed by NIH and NSF under the auspices of OSTP. The program has two goals. The first is to create, for the first time, a longitudinal scientific frame of all individuals funded by federal science agencies, combined with data on awards (i.e. treatments). The program is also developing a wide variety of economic, scientific, workforce and social outcomes are being matched to information about individual researchers. A similar approach is being adopted by the Japanese government; similar approaches are now being considered by the European Union and China

2010 Led the development of the National R&D Dashboard ( with Kei Koizumi

2005 -2007 Conceptualized and led the establishment of the NORC/University of Chicago data enclave ). This provides a confidential, protected environment within which authorized researchers can access sensitive microdata remotely and provides data producers with a secure dissemination platform. It now hosts confidential data for four federal agencies and two private foundations.

1997-2004 Led the creation and permanent establishment of the Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics Program at the U.S. Census Bureau. This program began as a small two year ASA Census Bureau fellowship and evolved into the first large- scale linked employer-employee dataset in the United States. It is now a permanent Census Bureau program ( ) with appropriated funds of $11 million/year. It also subsequently received a Department of Commerce Gold Medal. For a review of my contribution, see (