Selected Legislative Testimony, Presentations and Awards

Honors and Awards

Warren E. Miller Award for Meritorious Service to the Social Sciences,  ICPSR, University of Michigan 2017


Roger Herriot Award, American Statistical Association, 2014

Julius Shiskin Award, American Statistical Association, 2014

Gutenberg Chair, University of Strasbourg, 2014

Fellow, American Statistical Association, 2009

American Association for the Advancement of Science, Fellow, elected 2014

International Statistical Institute, Fellow, elected 2014

National Institutes of Health, Central IT Merit Award for Operational Excellence, 2011

National Science Foundation Director’s Superior Accomplishment Award, 2010

American Statistical Association Fellow

National Science Foundation Director’s Award for Program Management Excellence 2005.

National Association of State Workforce Agencies Vladimir Chavrid award for excellence in the field of Labor Market Information (LMI) and Employment Security operations research 2004

American University First Annual Faculty Member of the Year: 1996 (Student Confederation)

College of Arts and Sciences, American University, General Education Teacher of the Year 1996

University of Louisville Young Researcher Award: 1988

University of Louisville School of Business Best Researcher Award: 1985, 1987

University of Missouri: Teaching Assistant Award, 1982.

Legislative Testimony

The Committee on Science and Technology Subcommittee on Research and Science Education U.S. House of Representatives on The Science of Science and Innovation Policy, September 23, 2010

European   Parliament,   April   14,   2010 measuring-rd-impact-news-448950

Selected Major Keynote or Invited Plenary Speeches

Economics: Eurostat/UN confidentiality workshop in Skopje Macedonia  2001; Research Conference Employment and Labour Market, Oslo, Norway, 2001;  New Zealand Association of Economists, Wellington, New Zealand 2002; Conference of European Statisticians, Geneva, Switzerland, 2003; Statistics Austria, Vienna, Austria, 2003; European Union Conference on Low Wage Work, Sandbjerg Denmark, April 2006; International Association of Social Science Information Services and Technology, University of Michigan, May 2006; CEO’s for Cities, Chicago, September 2007; Comparative Analysis of Enterprise Data, Budapest, Hungary, May 2008; Work, Pensions and Labour Economics Group (WPEG) annual conference, Sheffield, UK, July 2008; Conference on Linked Employer-Employee Data, Budapest, Hungary, May 2009, Inaugural Distinguished Lecture, RatsWD, Berlin Germany, September 2010

Science of Science Policy: Federal Demonstration Partnership, 2009, 2010, 2011; 2010: National Council of Research Administrators; European Forum On Research And Development Impact, Prague, NIRPA, Stockholm, European Parliament (Brussels); 2011  UNCTAD (Geneva); European Forum, (Alpbach, Austria); Higher Education Policy Institute (Royal Society, UK), Measuring Science Investments, (Tokyo) 2012; Measuring Science Investments, (Canberra and Melbourne), IASSIST (Washington), Research Excellence, EU Danish Presidency, (Copenhagen); OECD, Global Science Forum 20th anniversary, (Paris); Science of Science and Innovation Policy Principal Investigator Conference, (Washington; New Zealand IceFest, (Christchurch); The Future of Research Impact, (London), 2013, STOA, EU Parliament, (Strasbourg), DESCRIBE Research Impact (London), Industry Studies conference (Kansas City), DRUID conference, (Barcelona), OECD Global Science Forum (Istanbul), SciELO – Scientific Electronic Library Online, 2013, Sao Paolo, Brazil, 2014, Centre Cournot, Paris,, euroCRIS conference, Amsterdam, 2015, Third IMF Statistical Forum,  Frankfurt


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