Selected Conferences Organized

International Symposium on Linked Employer/Employee Datasets, Washington DC 1998 Funded by Sloan Foundation/Census Bureau/BLS/European Union/National Science Foundation; International workshop on  Confidentiality, Washington DC, May 1999; Census Bureau (LEHD)/state workshops 2000 – 2004; Eurostat/UNECE workshop in Skopje Macedonia, March 2001; New Zealand conference on Data Integration and Linked Employer-Employee Data, 2002, NSF confidentiality workshop, 2004; on Program Committee for Eurostat Conference Privacy in Statistical Databases (Barcelona), 2004 (Rome) 2006 (Ankara) 2008; NSF Social, Behavioral and Economics Sciences/Computer and Information Science and Engineering  workshop on Cyberinfrastructure, 2005, Second  and Third Annual International  E-Social Science Conference (Manchester, UK 2006, Ann Arbor, MI 2007); HHS workshop on marriage and the family, 2006; Spencer Foundation workshop on education and social opportunity, 2006; Conference on Firms and Employees, (Nurnberg, Germany 2006); Comparative Analysis of Enterprise Data (Chicago) 2006;  (Budapest)  2008,  (Tokyo)  2009,  Advancing  the  Study  of  Innovation  and  Globalization  in Organizations (Nurnberg) 2009 SciSIP/SOSP: 2008 and 2010 SOSP Interagency conferences; 2011 Bellagio conference (Rockefeller Foundation funded); CIC workshop on research impact, Chicago, 2013; Empirical Foundations of Science and Innovation Policy, 2013, Paris; Research Monitoring workshop, 2014, Brussels; Science of Science Policy, 2014, Ann Arbor; APPAM workshop on big data and public policy, Miami, FL, 2015; Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange, New York, 2016; Gates Foundation Roadmapping Conference, Washington DC, 2017

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